Friday February 28, 2020

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Welcome to GATE America - Gang Training & Education

The G.A.T.E. Program was award the Frederick Milton Thrasher Award by the National Gang Crime Research Center for "Exemplary Programs in Gang Prevention".

In the increasing struggle for class time, finding time for a prevention specialist to enter a classroom to instructor multiple prevention programs, in order to effectively address drugs, violence and gangs becomes a challenge.

If schools or law enforcement agencies institute these programs, other disciplines that are important to the school might be affected. School Administrators may express not express concern with one program, but may become hesitant at more than that.

The balance between Education and Prevention programs is a constant state of fluctuation. The GATE program offers all three areas bundled into one program: gangs, violence and drugs.

Look at the side by side comparison below to see how other popular programs match up.

Program Comparison Points GATE GRIP DARE* GREAT
Evidence Based
Employs Social Norms
Outcome Evaluated
Flexible – Lesson Plans
Survey’s Participants
Directs youth into intervention
Parent Component
Courses taught K-4 *** ** **
Course taught 5-8 ****
Courses taught 9-12 *** ** **
Lesson plans are different at each grade level
Teacher & Staff Component
Community Component
Employs multiple methods to deal with peer pressure
Community Service Project
Meets National Education Standards
Address Drugs overall
Addresses Drugs Specifically
Addresses Gangs
Addresses Violence
Address Firearm Safety
Teaches Critical Thinking Skills
Uses technology
Does not rely solely on instructor lecture
Taught Nationally
After School Component
Lesson Plans are annually evaluated for effectiveness, content and may be removed.
*This is based on the current available DARE program. The New DARE curriculum is still in the testing phase.
**Lessons are available in these grade levels however they are not typically used by most school districts.
***Only 2nd Grade
****Only 5 Grade

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